26 Apr 2022

Is Your ABN Still Active?

Is your ABN still active?

The ATO has brought in an automated cancellation notification service for potentially inactive Australian Business Numbers (ABN).

If you haven’t had any business activity or are behind in getting your activity statements lodged, the ATO will review your ABN and send a message asking you or your registered agent to confirm if the ABN is still required.

If your business has reduced or paused activity, you still need to lodge an activity statement, even if the amount reported is little or nil.

If your business has stopped trading, the ABN should be cancelled. If the ATO contacts you or your agent, you don’t need to do anything – the ATO will cancel the ABN.

If your ABN has been automatically cancelled in error and you plan to continue business activity, you’ll need to reactivate the ABN.

It’s good to review your ABN details annually to make sure your contact details are up to date so that you receive the ATO’s ABN cancellation notifications before they act.

It’s important to have the correct address, phone, email and authorised contact details because government emergency services use this data to contact people during natural disasters.

Talk to us today if you’d like us to check or update your ABN details on the Australian Business Register or reactivate a cancelled ABN.

Libby Swanson | Compliance

Libby is all about organising businesses of all shapes and sizes to run more efficiently and productively and ensuring that compliance is part of the process.

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