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Business Compliance

At Deciphered, we provide personalised assistance with Gold Coast small businesses, deciphering ATO & Government compliance needs while keeping you updated throughout the year so everything stays current.

From taking care of streams like GST, PAYG and Superannuation obligations and more – we’ll make sure that every aspect meets business standards for peace of mind now and into the future!

BAS Agent Services & Compliance Systems

Running your own business can be a daunting endeavour. It’s hard enough to focus on the day-to-day demands, let alone making sure all of your financial requirements are up to scratch and compliant with government regulations. That is where our experienced team comes in!

Whether you do your bookkeeping or we do, ensuring your business compliance is kept up to date is imperative. Businesses can quickly come unstuck by missing just one of the many regulatory deadlines or by not having systems setup correctly.

With Deciphered handling the deadline stress for you, you know you have qualified, experienced professionals looking out for your best interests.

Additionally, business compliance services can provide tailored advice on developing policies & procedures that meet the necessary standards and are properly managed in order to maintain business continuity.

Contact us today, your digits will thank you for it.

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BAS Agent Services

A BAS agent can provide an efficient and reliable solution for BAS preparation, helping businesses remain compliant with the ATO regulations. Such as:

  • BAS lodgements (Business Activity Statements)
  • IAS lodgements (Instalment Activity Statements)
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Superannuation obligations
  • Payroll Tax
  • Portable Long Service Leave reporting
  • Workers Compensation reporting
  • Taxable Payments Annual Reporting (TPAR)
  • End of Financial Year Reconciliation & Accountant packs
  • Liaise with the ATO

ATO Registered Agent

Don’t risk it! Lodge your BAS with a registered BAS Agent.

Have a registered BAS Agent take care of it for you. With Deciphered, you’ll get access to all the benefits of lodging with a Tax Practitioners Board registered agent, including an extra 4 weeks before the due date. Plus, our expert team will review your lodgement for accuracy and completeness.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to lodge a BAS Statement?

All Australian businesses that are registered for GST need to lodge a Business activity statement (BAS) and this is usually done on a quarterly basis, dependent on your business earnings or PAYG commitments. Your BAS will help you report and pay your GST, PAYG instalments and withholding, alongside any other taxes required.

If you are frequently behind on your accounting, or concerned about your lodgement, you may consider having Deciphered handle these compliance related tasks for you, our BAS agent services could ease your mind.

Why is it important to ensure compliance is handled correctly?

Maintaining business compliance is essential for preventing costly legal action, fees and charges and ensuring adherence to policy regulations. A reliable BAS agent can ensure your business remains compliant with applicable laws and regulations. We are able to focus on the following:

1. Understanding business compliance regulations

2. Identifying common compliance risks

3. Developing a plan for addressing compliance risks

4. Managing ongoing compliance responsibilities

Our Business Services

Let us help you with the ABCs of your business – Advisory, Bookkeeping and Compliance.


Personalised strategies to help you move your business forward and grow. Let’s get to know your numbers together!


Keeping your books’ integrity intact to enable you to make informed decisions. Let us organise your shoebox of receipts.


Reporting and Systems to help keep your business on track. More than just filling in forms. Let’s get you on the front foot!

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